Heera Foundation is a social organization working towards the betterment of society.

This foundation is very active in villages or rural area of Maharashtra & work towards the transformation of rural area. Through our integrated rural development programs, we have nurtured change agents within villages and created ‘model’ programs that have set standards.

With the focal agenda of transforming villages into models of prosperity, we work in the diverse areas that touch the day to day lives of villagers. We design and implement programs in the realm of Education, Healthcare, Rehabilitation of the Challenged Health Care, Agriculture Research Wasted land development, Livelihoods, Women Empowerment.


To transform the villages of Maharashtra into models of learning in a manner that all people, physically challenged and able bodied are gainfully employed. Also to cause substantive improvements in the state of literacy, health and economic sustenance. Finally to harness not just natural resources but also human resources through leadership and motivation.


“Sujalam Sufalam”is the slogan for Heera Foundation. To promote continuous self-improvement in the quality of lives of the villagers by generating their own leadership in solving their problems and by creating opportunities at their doorsteps for utilizing their resources most efficiently.


“An ideal education system is not one that simply teaches people how to make a living. It is one that teaches them how to make a life” Heera Foundation completely agrees on this quote & today only a handful of schools have tried to move away from the conventional into the new methods of imparting education. This is rarer in rural India, where there are hardly any good educational institutions to start with. Education is the backbone of nation’s development. Keeping that in mind HF provides scholarship to poor students, travelling passes, study materials. Girl education is also a very important part of this project, by giving them financial support to complete their education. Apart from educational support, HF also helps youth to gain vocational that will enable them to easily gain a job or start their own entrepreneurial endeavor or pursue technical education.


Heera Foundation has come to believe that there should be no waste of land. Man not utilizing the appropriate technologies for bringing the land into production. In order to demonstrate this point, Heera Foundation has organized many “Mahostav” to showcase new agricultural technique, distributed latest instruments, spread the awareness of new techniques, soil conservation and water management techniques, & now the area is a blooming greenery in few time. Heera Foundations has undertaken many agricultural projects to help villagers.

Women Empowerment

The Women's program aims to enable women to manage their monetary, physical and intellectual needs. As a consequence, it aims to raise their self-esteem and encourage a sense of security. The Heera Foundation undertakes initiatives focused on health, education, nutrition and financial management for women living in the rural areas near the company's operations.

The Foundation also provides them the necessary skills training, which helps them to manage and build on them to increase their earning potential. The Foundation also links enterprising women with microfinance institutions, thus giving women entrepreneur’s crucial financial support that might not be otherwise available to them. Women living in rural areas often suffer from reproductive health problems due to a plethora of socio-cultural and biological reasons. Unequal access to resources, lack of awareness, illiteracy and low decision-making authority are just some of the contributing factors.

Rehabilitation of the Challenged

Physically challenged people have the capacity to lead independent lives. However, in today’s society, they are perceived more as a burden, especially in rural India. Seeing the sheer number of such challenged children and noting how families find it difficult to cope with disabilities, HF took the initiative of creating Rehabilitation Program. Aides and appliances to overcome the disabilities are also given & conduct medical camp for their regular checkup & treatment.

Medical Facilities

HF actively seeks to improve the health and happiness of people in communities close to its operations. Typically, the rural areas near HF facilities tend to have low accessibility and thus very limited availability of healthcare services. The Foundation also funds the provision of doctors and paramedics, builds new health centers, and provides critical equipment, free health services across its locations. HF conducts medical camp like blood donation, eye checkup etc. to help poor.


Youth are the backbone of society, so HF works to provide opportunities for self-reliance. Training was provided on activities that children could identify with and take up. Various income generating activities like kitchen gardens, nurseries, making paper covers and backyard poultry were identified for these children.