A newer breed of Energy Service Company (ESCO) focuses more on innovative financing methods, which owns a range of applicable equipment configured in such a way which reduces the energy cost of a building. The building occupants or landlord then benefit from the energy savings and use it for different purposes. The ESCO starts by performing an analysis of the property, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period. The savings in energy costs are often used to pay back the capital investment of the project over a five- to twenty-year period, or reinvested into the building to allow for capital upgrades that may otherwise be unfeasible. If the project does not provide returns on the investment, the ESCO is often responsible to pay the difference. ESCO presents the best possible solution to the energy project, as determined by the client.  We will help the owner put all the pieces together from start to finish.

  • Identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities;
  • Develop engineering designs and specifications;
  • Remove the old lights;
  • Manage the project from design to installation to monitoring;
  • Train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance services;
  • Guarantee that savings will cover all project costs.
  • Once the project is completed the immediate results of energy savings, and the long term maintenance costs can be put towards the capital investment of upgrading the energy system.